14.04.2022 18:00

Event overview

Maps shape our understanding of the world in profound ways. In this presentation, we explore the richness of religious and ethnographic maps created in the 19th century to understand the multicultural and multilingual inhabitants of the Baltic provinces. The discussion will showcase a wide range of rare maps from collections in Estonia, Latvia, and Russia, highlighting fascinating examples of how maps were used and misused to determine the locations of different religious groups, visualize statistical data on the population of various denominations, and monitor deviant or minority groups. Additionally, we will delve into the stories behind controversial maps intentionally designed to distort modern understanding of religious issues, such as through deliberate oversimplification or misleading use of color.

"Mapping the Religious Landscape in the Baltics"

  • Speaker: Catherine Gibson (Tartu University)
  • Date: April 14, 2022, at 18:00
  • Language: English
  • Format: ZOOM lecture
  • Cost: FREE

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The COVID-19 restrictions have fundamentally changed our way of life. Last year, following the global trend of distance learning, the Narva Museum embarked on a bold experiment with a series of virtual lectures. Thanks to this new format, anyone interested could listen to the lecture series and participate in discussions without leaving home.

During the pandemic, the Narva Museum has established itself as a major center for informal education for a wide audience. This year, it continues to strive to satisfy people's thirst for knowledge by offering new opportunities. Starting from February, lectures will be held at least twice a month on Thursdays. The lectures will take place both in person and on Zoom. Slides and additional materials will be provided, and participants can access them on-site.

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