24.07.2023 09:30 - 28.07.2023 14:30 / Narva Art Gallery

Event overview

The program starts at the Narva Art Gallery, located at Vestervalli 21.
Duration of the program: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Contact Information:info@narvamuuseum.ee, +372 35 99230
Tickets: Available for pre-sale

Creative-Historical Camp "Summer Carousel" at Narva Museum

Date: July 3-7, 2023

Time: Daily from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Location: Narva Museum Art Gallery, Narva

Age Group: Children 7-11 years old

July is the heart of summer, a time when the initial excitement of the warm season has settled, but many thrilling discoveries and adventures still await! This July, Narva Museum invites children to plunge into a world of cheerful creativity and historical exploration at our "Summer Carousel" camp.

Daily Activities Include:

  • Creative workshops for making kites and moving robots, drawing from life.
  • Meetings with real artists, visits to secret rooms of the castle, theatrical performances.
  • Participation in restoration works and culinary master classes.
  • Memorable souvenirs and much more!
  • Hot lunches at Rondel Restaurant and tasty tea breaks to keep our young explorers energized and in high spirits.

Weekly Program Overview:

Monday, July 3: "Where the Sun Rises or What Estonia and Japan Have in Common" Dive into the amazing world of Japanese culture! Experience culinary, artistic, and landscaping traditions. We’ll create kites, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, and see real museum items from Japan. Discover the common cultural and belief connections between the Japanese and Estonians and take a virtual journey around the world!

Tuesday, July 4: "Meow-Gaff" A day dedicated to our furry friends. We'll draw animals from life, play, feed, and enjoy their company. The creative part of the day will also focus on our furry friends.

Wednesday, July 5: "Architectural Wednesday" We'll explore old and new city landmarks, looking at usual buildings through the eyes of sculptors and architects. At the Art Gallery, we’ll 'walk' through the streets of old cardboard Narva at an exhibition featuring a giant model of the city and create our architectural masterpieces.

Thursday, July 6: "Robots Work, Not Man" Discover moving sculptures in urban spaces. Learn to combine art and technology, beauty and engineering. End the day with a competition of homemade robot artists.

Friday, July 7: "ART Party" Celebrate the last day with creative fun: learn the art of aqua face-painting, shine in a talent show, create your own holiday and party decorations. Delight in a homemade culinary masterpiece and craft a souvenir to remember the Summer Carousel at Narva Museum!


  • Participants who do not follow camp rules, display aggressive behavior towards others, or show signs of viral infections may be excluded from the camp.
  • Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the camp program.

Price: €100 per session (5 days) per participant. Includes hot meals, tea sessions, and art materials.

Maximum number of participants per camp: 20 Programs are conducted in Russian.