08.08.2024 17:30

Event overview

Duration: 90 minutes
Format: Walking tour
Length: 1.5 km
Recommended age: Adults and children 11+
Tickets: Pre-sale only


The tour is dedicated to a specific period in the city's history (1581-1704), when Narva was part of the Swedish Kingdom.

The "Golden" Swedish era still captures the imagination of historians and researchers today: a time when Narva was known as a major trading city, for which the largest European powers vied. It was during this glorious Swedish period that Narva acquired its unique appearance and special atmosphere, which remained practically unchanged until World War II.

What connects Narva with Stockholm? How did this period in history begin and end? We will learn how the city developed, what events took place, and who the most famous residents were. We will stroll through the old streets of Narva, look at buildings that have survived to this day, and try to imagine the vanished city.

The route starts at the upper promenade from Hahn's staircase, goes through once existing and now existing streets of the old town. We will imagine the original houses of noble burghers built in the Northern Baroque style and try to understand what impressed travelers and artists about Swedish Narva for centuries. We will learn how the powerful city fortifications were erected. The route will end at the foot of the Victoria Bastion on the Swedish Terrace.

The tour will be interesting for both residents and guests of the city; for those who are just discovering the history of Narva and those who would like to go beyond the usual sightseeing tours and learn something new.

Ticket price: €7 / person (children under 3 free)

NB! Due to restrictions, tickets for the tour can only be purchased in advance.

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The tour starts at the upper promenade from Hahn's staircase (opposite Koidula 5).