The Northern Yard is our attempt to recreate the 17th century. In our minds we see an authentic, lively early-modern city quarter here with houses, people and their daily comings and goings, taking visitors back 300-400 years in an instant. We believe that with your help, this dream will come true.

In the Northern Yard there are currently three historical handicraft workshops (textiles, leather and a smithy), a pharmacy, a working outdoor kitchen and a money exchange offering its services. In addition, during the summer, wandering craftsmen visit our yard, displaying and teaching their skills to anyone interested in learning them.

The inhabitants of the Northern Yard live in the 17th century and carry out activities from that time. As it was then, the rhythm of their lives is determined by the folk and church calendars, their special days and holidays, and the beliefs and customs associated with them. Find out what the people of the Northern Yard think about the world and life!