20.06.2024 / The Western Courtyard of Narva Museum

Event overview

Welcome to the casemate of the Kristervall  half-bastion – a unique historical structure that takes you back to the era of Narva Fortress's heroic defense.

Built at the end of the 16th century to protect the main gate, the Kristervall casemate was used for storing supplies and housed firearms to launch attacks on the enemy. This vaulted room recreates the authentic atmosphere of that era: you can see a 17th-century cannon and the tools used for its maintenance, as well as replicas of various weapons hidden in a "secret passage."

The historically reconstructed vaults and rooms of Kristervall, renovated in 2023, tell the dramatic stories of the Livonian War and the Great Northern War. In the demi-bastion, you have the opportunity to delve into history and experience the atmosphere of an old fortress.

Scheduled tours and pre-arranged excursions are conducted in the Kristervall half-bastion.