More than 700 years old, Hermann Castle in Narva has been ruled over by Danes, Germans, Swedes and Russians through the centuries, but now finally belongs to Estonians. It obtained its current appearance during the time of the Livonian Order from the 14th-16th centuries. Badly damaged in the Second World War, the castle was significantly restored in the 1970 and 1980s before opening as a museum, which simultaneously offered a permanent exhibition showcasing the history of Narva as well as almost a dozen temporary exhibitions.

In June 2020, the full reconstruction of Narva Castle was completed within the framework of the 'Opening of the Border Castle Discovery Centre’ project, and the east wing of the castle, to which visitors previously did not have access, can now also be visited. Summer 2020 saw the opening of a new permanent exhibition in the castle, focusing on its history from the arrival of the first Danes on the banks of the Narva River up to the present day. The Estonian Museums Festival takes place in Narva every autumn, as part of which the best exhibitions from Estonian museums that have been brought here remain open until the end of the year.
Concerts and conferences take place in the castle's magnificent vaulted knights' meeting and banquet hall and also in the slightly smaller hall in the north wing, while the 51-metre-high Tall Hermann Tower offers views over Narva, the Kreenholm factory and Ivangorod Fortress across the river in Russia.

The Castle is open  Wed–Sun 10:00–18:00




Castle is open

Wed–Sun 10:00–18:00


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