20.12.2023 / Narva Castle

Event overview

Narva Museum proudly announces the opening of a new exhibition "Unforgotten City," dedicated to the historical center of Narva - a unique architectural heritage from the 17th century.

This exhibition offers visitors a journey into the past of Old Narva, which most of us know only through photographs and artists' sketches. The Old Town was lost more than 70 years ago, and Narva itself has undergone significant demographic changes. However, like a phantom, the image of the ancient city continues to live in the hearts and memories of generations.

The exhibition presents over a hundred exhibits from the museum's historical collection, including architectural details from the 17th century, carved stones that adorned building portals and facades, as well as forged elements such as weather vanes, hinges, and staircase grilles. The sacred art of Narva is represented by rare wooden sculptures and preserved carved details from the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Church of St. John.

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to see important elements of the interior decoration of Old Narva houses, such as 17th-18th-century tiled stoves. At least half of the exhibits are being displayed for the first time, providing a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of the architecture and the coziness of the narrow streets of the Old Town, as well as to feel the tragedy of its loss.

This exhibition pays tribute to the Narva that was once called the "Pearl of the Baroque" in the Swedish crown and was irretrievably lost during World War II. It invites reflection on the fragility and importance of preserving architectural heritage.

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition "Unforgotten City" at the Narva Museum to recreate the image of the lost but unforgotten city and appreciate the richness of its historical heritage.

The exhibition will be located on the first floor of Narva Castle and will be available for visiting with a museum ticket starting from December 21st.

Exhibition creators: Svetlana Andreeva, Yulia Khlystun
Design: Tatiana Sonina
Graphic design: Alexander Kublitski
Exhibition Director: Anne Raud.