08.10.2020 / Narva Castle

Event overview

The Narva Castle has opened the exhibition "Narva Time", which introduces the history of clocks of the last few centuries.

Nowadays clocks have become one of those indispensable items, without which it is difficult to imagine one's life. When did the most famous clocks of Narva appear? How did the Kreenholm workers determine the time? What is the significance of clocks for us today? You can find answers to these and many other questions by visiting the exhibition "Narva Time". The exhibition introduces the history of Narva clocks from the second half of the XVIII century to the beginning of the XXI century. Within the framework of the exhibition, not only clocks from the Narva Museum's collection will be exhibited, but also illustrative material, such as photographs of Narva, interiors of houses and institutions, which depict clocks as an element of everyday life of the citizens. The exhibition presents clocks from the Narva Museum collection and private collections. These are clocks from the second half of the XVIII century to the beginning of the XXI century, most of them belong to the XX century. Some of the exhibits have been preserved from the pre-war museum collection, others came from the personal belongings of various people, some were bought in antique shops. The exhibition has been on display on the 3rd floor of the Narva Castle Tower since October 8, 2020.

  • Curators: Jaroslavna Nazarova, Denis Jatsenko
  • Decorator: Natalia Furman
  • Editors: Evi Zhukova, Svetlana Andreeva, Galina Smirnova, Tanel Murre
  • Translator: Kalev Gustav Keert
  • Team: Galina Smirnova, Marina Kuvaytseva, Irina Solodova, Irina Kozhevina, Aili Vester
  • Items and materials presented by: Narva Museum, the National Archive of Estonia and private collections.