11.05.2023 17:30

Event overview

Narva Museum invites you to an exciting gastronomic journey through the paintings of Italian masters.

The Narva Museum Lectures, through a series of thematic meetings with art historian Evelina Vedom, continue to unveil the secrets of the worlds of art, history, and gastronomy to its guests. Our next meeting will delve into the symbolic meanings encrypted in the paintings of Italian masters.

During the Renaissance, artists often depicted lavish feasts on their canvases, where food and drinks symbolized wealth, abundance, and power. At the same time, they also painted scenes celebrating simple joys of life and Christian virtues, where a humble table reflected an entirely different aspect of life. In the lecture by Tallinn art historian Evelina Vedom, attendees will learn about the interplay of cuisine and art in Renaissance Italy, how chefs and artists inspired each other. The lecture will explore fruits and vegetables as sacred and erotic metaphors in art, about dishware, table setting, and decoration. It will also cover favorite drinks and dishes in Italy during the Renaissance and early modern period.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 11th, at 17:30, on the third floor of Rondeel Restaurant, for the lecture "Food and Drinks in the Paintings of Italian Artists." The meeting will be complemented by gastronomic accompaniments from Rondeel Restaurant, inspired by the traditions of sunny Italy.

Participation cost: 22 € First 5 tickets at a special price: 18 €