13.11.2021 10:00 / Narva Castle

Event overview

On 13 November, Narva Museum once again invites everyone to Narva Castle for the traditional historical festival „The Winter Battle of Narva“, at which You will hear the boom of cannons from the Great Northern War and the sounds of the 1700 battle for the city of Narva between the Swedish and Russian forces.

In connection with the historical festival a two day event “Borderland Narva” takes place at Narva College on Friday (12 November) and at Narva Castle on Saturday (12 November). Scholars from Sweden, Finland, and Estonia will meet to shed light upon Narva’s historical bonds with Sweden and its status as a border area throughout history. The event also includes a cultural program with invited artists from Sweden.
See the programme here.

The history festival begins on Saturday at 10:00 at Narva Castle (Reconditorium hall) with the conference "Borderland Narva". Saturday’s conference is followed by the cultural programm at 13:00 with Swedish and Estonian music and songs performed by Swedish and Estonian artists. At 15:00 you can see historical fencing show at the Western Yard, and at 16:00 begins the main event of the festival – the re-enactment of the 1700 Winter Battle of Narva. We are looking forward to see You and travel to the world 300 years ago.

Admission to all events is FREE.

Pre-registration is required for the conference and concert taking place in Narva Castle via Fienta.com.

Saturday, 13 November
Сonference "Borderland Narva“ at Narva Castle (Reconditorium hall). No translation.

10:00–10:25 Kasper Kepsu (Åbo Akademi University): "Ingermanland as a border landscape during the 17th century" (Swedish)
10:30–10:55 Magnus Rodell (Södertörn University): "The lion in Narva: Borders and memory policy during the interwar period" (Swedish)
11:05–11:30 Alexei Smirnov: “Narva trade hub between Russia and Europe and its role in the Nordic War 1563-70” (Russian, Swedish)
11:35–11:55 Olof Rosengren (Sällskapet Gustafs Skål, Adelsfanan), Jakob Karasiak (Adelsfanan), Roberto Fogelberg, Kristian Lindahl: ”Historical re-enactment” (Swedish, English)

Concert at Narva Castle (Reconditorium hall) with Swedish and Estonian music and songs (Swedish, Estonian and Russian)

• Thord Lindé: songs of Carl Michael Bellman (1740–1791)
• Estonian troubadour Olavi Kõrre: Estonian national music
• Lasse Zackrisson: Swedish poetry and songs from the 19th and 20th centuries

Historical fencing show at the Western Yard

“Carolus Rex” with a society “Adelsfanan”

A historical reenactment of the battle between the Swedish and Russian armies. Narva Castle’s Western Yard.

Visitors of the festival must have COVID certificates and ID-card.
Masks must be worn indoors from the age of 12.

Organizers: MTÜ Preobraženski Polk, Narva Museum
This event is supported by the City on Narva and Eesti Kultuurkapital.

INFORMATION: +372 359 9230, info@narvamuuseum.ee