27.07.2024 12:00 / Krenholm

Event overview

The history of the Krenholm textile factories can be seen as an ideal textbook for studying the world textile industry of the 19th and 20th centuries: dizzying economic ups and downs, unprecedented for Estonia scale of production and momentous partnership agreements, the construction of an entire textile city around the factory buildings and the incredible stories of the workers who ended up here by fate.

We'll tell you all about it on our new tour, which takes place inside the Joala Factory, a red-brick building with breathtaking views from its tower. Being one of the last in the Krenholm complex to be closed, the Joal Factory has preserved the atmosphere of the enterprise in the best possible way: the hum of spinning machines is in the walls, the steps still remember hundreds of feet running up and down.....

Due to the fact that the building has been empty for several years, there is no electricity and there are some dangerous places. Therefore the number of group participants is limited, age 16+, at the beginning of the tour all participants are obliged to undergo a safety briefing and wear safety helmets.

Facilities: During the tour you can leave your car/bus in the free car park next to the entrance.

Full ticket: 25 €
Concession ticket: 18 €*

*Concession ticket for:

  • children aged 16 to 18
  • school students (upon presentation of a student ID or ISIC card)
  • university students (upon presentation of a student ID or ISIC card)
  • teachers (upon presentation of an ITIC card)
  • individuals aged 65 and over
  • military personnel on compulsory service
  • individuals with a severe or profound disability (upon presentation of a disability ID card)

NB! Tickets are available only through pre-sale!

Individuals under 16 years of age or those under the influence of alcohol are not permitted on the tour. The maximum number of participants in a group is 12.

To avoid injuries and ensure your safety, we strongly recommend:

  • wearing weather-appropriate and comfortable, non-marking clothing;
  • considering temperature changes when moving from the basement to other floors;
  • wearing comfortable, closed-toe flat shoes.

Individuals with claustrophobia, acrophobia, or allergies to dust and damp are advised not to participate in the tour.

Photography is allowed during the tour.

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