14.07.2024 15:00 / Vaba Lava

Event overview

A massive building in the very center of the city, home to Estonia's largest portrait of Jaak Joala.

Today, it serves as a hub where diverse organizations of local, regional, and international scope live side by side and operate successfully. Can you imagine that just 70 years ago, the address, name, and purpose of this building were strictly classified, and it was missing from many city and regional maps?

The factory, known to many as "Baltiets," was for many years a place where the most talented engineering minds worked. Their developments included the first school computers "Yuku," as well as equipment for the nuclear industry, which still has no analogs in the world. In the 1990s, like many other similar enterprises, the factory underwent radical changes and its administrative building became empty. In the coming years, it will be engulfed by modern trends, but today we have a unique opportunity to be inside its walls, feeling the breath of the past and the modern winds of change.

Since the building has been vacant for several years, there are many dangerous areas. Therefore, the number of participants is limited.

The tour is suitable for guests aged 16 and older. All participants must undergo a safety briefing and wear protective helmets during the tour.

Tickets: €15/full ticket.

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