What could be more unusual and memorable than a night spent within the walls of a medieval castle! 

We invite you to the cultural and educational program "Night at the Museum," during which participants will not only feel like true inhabitants of the castle but will also learn about the city's history. They will see the unique historical complex of the Narva and Ivangorod fortresses, the towers of the Krenholm factories, the restored Town Hall, and other attractions. After an exciting city walk, having gathered plenty of impressions, guests will enjoy a hearty dinner, and then proceed to the castle. There, being the only visitors, they will learn about its history and stay overnight, like true knights. In the morning, we offer a light breakfast and the opportunity to be among the first in the country to watch the sunrise!

The overall program includes:

  • An evening tour of the city on foot/by customer's transport
  • Dinner
  • A tour of the castle
  • Breakfast

The program is suitable for students of grades 5-12 and for small groups of adults. It can be a great option for an informal part of a 9th-grade graduation, or as a joint adventure for team bonding.
Additionally, it is possible to order a bonfire with marshmallows, use of a screen in the castle. The maximum number of participants is 60. The program is conducted in Estonian, Russian, and English, with special requests available for German and Ukrainian.
Price: 59 €; Reduced price: 49 €; Minimum price for ordering: 350 €
NB! Participants need to bring sleeping bags and camping mats!