Digital copies orderPrice
From the archive (document, postcard, etc.)4 €/page
From a multi-page publication3 €/page


Digital copies orderPrice
If digital image is available (If a digital image is available at  4 €/page

If digital image is not available:

  1. Digital copy of a photo negative
  2. Digital copy of a photo positive
  3. Digital photo of a museum exhibit (without digital processing) 


  • 5 €/page
  • 4 €/each
  • 7 €/page
Use of photos, drawings, etc. in printed publications, newspaper publication, book and magazine illustrations 10 €/each
Use of photos, drawings, etc. in cover and envelope design, publication on postcards, posters, films, videos, and websites15 €/each
Photo processing during scanning/span>25 €/hour
Data recording on USB or other data carrier

 0,15 €/1 MB

(if necessary, the price of the blank will be added)


Digitization of archive into PDF file5 € + 3 €/page

Creation of digital copies (TIFF, JPG format):

  1. Storage unit / image up to A4 (210 x 297 mm), digitization 
  2. Storage unit / image up to A3 (297 x 420 mm), digitization 
  3. Photography of archival storage unit (without digital processing) 
  4. Digital copy of a multi-page publication 
  5. Scanning of photos glued in albums  


  • 2 €/each
  • 3 €/each
  • 5 €/each
  • 3 €/page
  • 3 €/each

Production of black and white copies:

             A4               0,50 €/each   
   A3     1,00 €/each  

Production of color copies:

              A4             1,00 €/each  
              A3 2,00 €/each.

Consultation with material search — 25 €/hour + VAT