Excursion "History in stone. Burials of Narva."

The history of each period, one way or another, is reflected or completed in stone: in the monolith of architectural monuments, in the pebble pavements, in the tombstones covered with moss and the spirit of eternity. And, perhaps, it is the silent, but at the same time eloquent space of the cemeteries that allows us to reflect on history, the times that have passed, and the fate of its witnesses in full, without prejudices and preconceptions.

During the bus and walking tour of Narva burials, we offer all participants the opportunity to touch the history by visiting cemeteries from different historical periods, both well-kept and gradually disappearing under the layers of time.

Language: Russian
The route starts on Petrovskaya Square, where the bus will be waiting for the participants, and further in the program::
1. The Alexander Lutheran Cemetery and the cemetery of the Narva Host Resurrection Cathedral.
2. Cemetery of the 92nd Pechora Infantry Regiment of the Russian Army.
3. Graves of soldiers of the Viljandi regiment.
4. Cemetery of the soldiers of the North-Western army of general Yudenich.
5. Narva Garrison Cemetery.
6. The monument of the Russian soldiers who died in the battle of 1700.
7. The cemetery of the Petrine Parish in Siivertsi.
8. Monument in Riigiküla.
9. German military cemetery.

Return to Petrovskaya Square
Duration 2,5 h
Places in the bus 18