Excursion "Swedish Narva"

The tour focuses on a certain period in the history of the city (1581-1704), when Narva was part of the Kingdom of Sweden.

The "golden" Swedish time still stirs the imagination of historians and researchers: the time when Narva was known as a large trading city, for the ownership right of which the major European powers fought over. It was during the glorious Swedish time when Narva acquired its unique appearance, a special atmosphere that remained almost unchanged until the Second World War. What is the connection between Narva and Stockholm? Where did this period in history begin and how did it end? We will find out how the city developed, what events took place there, which of its residents were the most famous. We will take a walk through the old streets of Narva, view the buildings that have survived to this day and try to imagine the city that has disappeared.

The route starts on the upper promenade from the Gana Stairs, passing through the once existed and extant streets of the old town. We'll imagine the original houses of aristocratic burghers, built in the Northern Baroque style, and try to understand how the Swedish Narva admired travellers and artists over the following centuries. We will find out how robust city fortifications were constructed. The route will end at the foot of the Victoria Bastion on the Swedish Terrace.

Meeting place: upper promenade at the Ghana Stairs(map)