Excursion "Joaorg. Esthonian Sloboda"

Joaorg, also known as Joachimsthal, aka Juhkental is an Esthonian sloboda (later - settlement) of Narva that started to form in the second half of the 19th century. Officially, the settlement was not even a part of the city itself, as it was part of another province. Two churches are still the main architectural dominants of the unique area, the territory of which was mainly built up with wooden houses.

Joaorg received a huge boost in the development from the emergence of the railway and the station. Hotels were built, numerous small shops and cozy tea houses appeared. Over time, sloboda became the most popular district, and people began to move there from the Old Town, which was losing its former attractiveness. To this day, Joaorg still preserves its unique history. During the tour, we will find out where the residents of the settlement worked and how they relaxed, walk along the streets that were formed 150 years ago and hear the stories of the once popular Narva district.

The excursion will start on Petrovskaya Square, near the toponym "Narva", and will end near the most famous "five-kroon" view of Narva Castle and Ivangorod Fortress.

Meeting place: in front of the Narva Theater Center (map).