Excursion “Baltiets: A secret factory in the city centre”

A huge building in the heart of the city with the largest portrait of Jaak Joala in Estonia. Today it is a home to a number of organisations of local, regional and international scope, all living and working together successfully within its walls. It is hard to believe that only 70 years ago the address, name and purpose of this building were top secret, and it was missing on many maps of the city and the region.

The factory known to many under the name “Baltiets” for many years was the place where the most talented engineering minds worked, inventing both the first school computers of Yuku and equipment for the nuclear industry, which hasn't had any analogues in the world so far. In the 1990s, like many other enterprises of a similar profile, the factory underwent drastic changes and its administrative building ended up being empty. In the coming years, it will be swept away by the modern trends, but today we have a unique opportunity to step inside its walls and feel the breath of the past and the modern winds of change.

NB! As the building has been empty for several years, there are many dangerous places there. For this reason, the number of participants is limited. The tour is suitable for guests over the age of 16. All participants of the tour must undergo safety training during the tour and wear safety helmets.

Starting from April 16, every Sunday, the Narva Museum invites you to take a fascinating tour of the administrative building of the Baltiets factory. Tickets for the tour are only on pre-sale here. At other times excursions are led only by reservation.

Meeting place: In front of the VabaLava Narva Theatre Center (map).