Excursion “Along the Joala”

nchesteris Narvast lahkumata, näha Big Beni Londonis käimata ning nautida Inglismaa tööstusarhitektuuri siinsamas Eestis? Vastus on lihtne. Narva Muuseum kutsub teid jalutuskäigule mööda Joala tänavat, mis oli 19. sajandil iseseisvaks linnaosaks kujunenud Kreenholmi tööstuspiirkonna kesktänav.

Today, the district of Kreenholm is one of the quietest and most peaceful places in the city, where the daily life of Narva citizens flows slowly. And it's hard to imagine that 150 years ago there was no place for peace and quiet here - the soaring towers of textile factories were constructed, barracks for workers and houses for foremen and executives, invited far away from England, were built. The whole village was built on the model of English textile towns, and had its own compact, holistically organised infrastructure. During the war events of different periods, many of the area's stone buildings miraculously survived, and some unique wooden buildings of the complex remained untouched. During the tour, which takes place mainly along Joala Street, you will see residential buildings built in the English style, communal and administrative buildings of Kreenholm, a magnificent hospital complex, and much more.

Meeting place: the gate of the old Kreenholm front security desk, opposite Joala 32 (map). There is a free parking spot available. It ends at the new front security desk, at Joala 23c(map).