The Narva Museum Art Gallery is located on the Gloria Bastion, in an ancient provision and weapons warehouse built in 1777. Today, it is one of the few buildings of the old city that survived the devastating events of World War II. In 1991, the first exhibition opened in the restored building, specifically redesigned for museum space, and this day can be considered the Birthday of the Art Gallery - a branch of the Narva Museum.

Currently, the art gallery presents exhibitions that acquaint visitors with the artistic heritage of Estonia and Narva, contemporary professional art, and areas related to visual culture. In 2021, the gallery opened a permanent exhibition "Life or Karma? Stories of Narva" based on the museum's art collection, showcasing about 200 works from the Baroque era to the present, along with numerous materials from the museum's collection of photographs and textiles. Self-guided tours of the permanent exhibition are facilitated by audio guides, which guests can use on their smart devices.

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