The North Courtyard is the experimental historical centre and place of entertainment of Narva Museum, operating in the northern courtyard of Narva Castle. The courtyard located north of the convent building of Narva Castle (hence the name northern courtyard) acquired its current form during the reign of the Livonian Order. After closing the entrance in the western wing of the convent building, a new gate was built in the northern wing and the northern courtyard became additional protection for the convent building. In the past, similarly to other castles, economic spaces were located in the northern courtyard; there were granaries, stables, workshops and other buildings.

After the renovation, the courtyard was opened to guests in 2007 under the name Northern Yard. Today, the Northern Yard is an experimental historical centre located in the so-called intersection of the ages – here, we get acquainted with medieval pleasures and the period of Narva's prosperity, we can see the historic costumes and the handicrafts of later periods.

During the summer season, the territory of the Northern Yard is open to everyone. There are craft workshops on site and a tavern offers its services. Take a peek inside the workshop, participate in the workrooms, buy yourself peculiar souvenirs or just enjoy the pleasant coolness in the courtyard with 700 years of history.

From 28 May till 4 September 2023 the Northern Yard is open daily 10:00-18:00. Admission is free.