11.07.2024 17:00 / Western Courtyard of Narva Castle

Event overview

We invite you to an exciting tour of the Kristerval demi-bastion, where we will tell you about the unique architecture of this early modern defensive structure. Few such fortifications have survived in Europe.

As part of a major project completed in 2023, the demi-bastion was restored. The vaulted interior rooms and casemates were renovated, recreating an authentic historical environment. The exhibition features a cannon from the early 17th century and replicas of tools for loading it. You can also see and even hold replicas of 16th-century assault weapons, hidden in the "secret passage."

The Narva Castle grounds include three bastions from different eras: the Kristerval demi-bastion, the Fortuna bastion, and the Spes demi-bastion. This allows tour participants to immerse themselves in the history of fortifications and learn how defense methods have evolved over time.

Duration: 45 minutes

Tickets: 7 €/regular ticket; 5 €/discounted ticket
NB! Tickets are available by pre-sale only.

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