Hans Ots

This year marks the 185th anniversary of the birth of Hans Ots, who was the father of the renowned opera singer Karl Ots and the grandfather of the distinguished Estonian singer Georg Ots. Hans Ots was born on December 2 (according to the new style calendar) in 1838 in Tartu County. He completed the parish school in Laiuse, where his father was a teacher.

He taught himself to play the piano and organ. Upon arriving in Narva in 1871, he found employment as a carpenter at the Krenholm Manufactory.

In the collection of the Narva Museum, there are marriage banns from the Narva Znamenskaya Church. These documents contain specific information about individuals intending to marry in the church, confirming that the couples have the right to marry. In 1873, there is entry No. 23 about those wishing to enter into marriage: the groom, Hans Ots, aged 34, of Lutheran faith, and the bride, Maria Plumm, aged 25, of Orthodox faith. The marriage took place on November 23 (according to the new style calendar).

In 1874, the first Estonian society "Ilmarine" was founded in Narva, uniting theater and music enthusiasts. One of the initiators of its creation was Hans Ots. The initial goal of the society was the development of choral singing. On June 29, 1892, the first choral festival took place in Narva, organized by the Narva Estonian Society. The festival, which involved 500 people, was held in the summer park of the Estonian Society on Petrovsky Forstadt, where Hans Ots delivered a welcoming speech. He led the mixed choir of the Narva Linen Factory, which was recognized as the best at the end of the festival.

Hans Ots died in 1914 in Narva and was buried in the cemetery of the Petrovsky parish in Siivertsi. The exact location of his grave is unknown.

Hans Ots. Illustratsioon raamatust „Narwa Eesti Selts


"Hans Ots. Illustration from the book Narva Estonian Society "Ilmarine" 1874-1924. Narva Museum SA"


"Search book of the Narva Znamenskaya Church 1871-1884. Narva Museum SA"

"Marriage search. Hans Ots and Maria Blum 1873. Narva Museum SA"


"Marriage search, fragment. Hans Ots and Maria Blum 1873. Narva Museum SA"


"The Nikolaevsky and Znamensky churches in Ivanogorodsky Forstadt. Illustration from the album 'Views of the city of Narva and its surroundings.' 1886. Narva Museum SA"

"Choral Festival in Narva, 1892. In the front row are the organizers of the festival, with Hans Ots third from the right. Illustration from A. Tynurist's book 'Narwa.' 1912. Narva Museum SA"


"Choir of the Narva Linen Mill, 1898. Hans Ots, the choir conductor, is third from the right in the second row. Illustration from A. Tynurist's book 'Narwa.' 1912. Narva Museum SA"

"Badge issued for the 105th anniversary of the first singing festival in Narva. 1892-1997. Narva Museum SA"