28.11.2023 09:30

Event overview

Foundation Narva Museum summarizes the results of the reconstruction of the Western courtyard. 

The purpose of the conference is to present to the public the works and results of ER3 project (Estonian EU external border program), the discoveries that were made, how they influenced what we already know about the fortifications and what we can learn from all of this as owners of the historical monuments, as museums and other educational and research institutions, as people living in the region and as entrepreneurs that operate in the region. Also we will talk about difficulties and challenges that partners had to overcome during the project. The main speakers will be those directly involved in the project implementation and the research activities.

To ensure that more people are informed about the research results, an online webcast will be organized in Estonian language with translation into English and Russian, also a conference compendium will be published for free of charge download. The compendium articles will be available in 3 languages (Estonian, Russian, English). The conference will take place in the Reconditorium of Narva Castle. Admission to the conference is by invitation. Online translation to russian and english languages is provided.

The findings of the project that are done thanks to the financing of the program will benefit not just project partners by adding to the existing knowledge of the history of fortifications, but the region in general, giving region's residents a chance to learn more about their towns' history and feel more connected to them, and giving local and regional specialists new material needed to improve existing and create new services. 

The conference will take place in Narva Castle Reconditorium on November 28th, 2023, from 9.30 am until 6 pm. The link to the webcast will be available immediately before the start of the conference on this page.


Conference program

9.30-10.00     Gathering, welcome coffee
10.00-10.05   Opening speech from program representatives 
10.05-10.35    Maria Smorževskihh-Smirnova (PhD), CEO of the Foundation Narva Museum.
                       Lessons learned from project implementation.
10.35-11.00    Jüri Moor, project manager.
                       Summary of the ER3 project.
11.00-11.30     Kalle Vellevoog, Arhitektuuribüro JVR OÜ, member of the board
                       The principles of creating a new solution for the Western yard of the castle.
11.30-12.00    Madis Tuuder (MA), senior inspector of heritage protection.
                       Heritage protection challenges in the territory of Narva Castle.
12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-13.30   Villu Kadakas (PhD), archaeologist.
                       Archaeological research of the Western yard in Narva Castle.
13.30-14.00   Ragnar Nurk, archaeologist. Aivo Raud, Scandec Ehitus OÜ, CEO.
                       Kristervall bastion and its exposition.
14.00-14.30   Ragnar Nurk and Villu Kadakas (PhD).
                       Research conducted on the Gloria Bastion.
14.30-16.00   Buffet
14.45-15.30   Press conference
16.00-18.00   Narva Castle tour for conference participants.
                       Jüri Moor, project manager.