Model of Old Narva

Exhibition: ‘Old. New. Narva. 1684/1984 2034’

Opening on 18 July in the former Narva furniture factory, the ‘Old. New. Narva. 1684/1984 2034’ exhibition places the future at the heart of the glory days of two cities. The years chosen for the exhibition symbolise the former prosperity of Narva and the near future of the city. By comparing these golden eras, Narva’s identity is uncovered in all of its complexity. The Narva we know today has been built twice: once as a magnificent centre of trade in the second half of the 17th century, and as an industrial city built from the rubble after the Second World War.

The two periods of prominence of Narva are strongly associated with it being a border town. While the Swedish authorities primarily saw it for its commercial potential in the 17th century, Narva became a kind of model city in the Estonian SSR, situated as it was on the western border of the Soviet Union. Neither is better or worse than the other. Both are in the past; neither will return.

The fascinating story of one of the most unique cities in Estonia, its symbols, people, buildings, dreams and values unfolds across the two halls of the authentically preserved furniture factory, highlighting the brightest moments in the glory days of the city. There is also a papier-mâché model of the town as it was in the Swedish era and a specially commissioned film programme. The years 1684 and 1984 are represented in the exhibition as rare display items, fresh connections and exciting [re]discoveries. Future Narva assumes and expects the active contribution of visitors. To this end, the exhibition covers varied topics that you, your family and your friends can actively reflect on so as to do something useful for the future of the city.

Long-last starlight and pining for former times will not help Narva. However, we can learn from this experience for the future. Narva needs the future more than it needs the past!

The exhibition is located on the third floor of the administrative building of the former furniture factory at Albert-August Tiimanni 1 in Narva.

Model-maker: Fjodor Šantšõn

Curator: Mairo Rääsk (OÜ BLUERAY)

Designer: Maarja Meeru (Vanemuine Theatre)

Exhibition team: Ivo Posti & Denis Jatsenko

Visiting by appointment only.

Price: minimum price of €50 applies to openings.

For additional information or to make an appointment to visit, call +372 359 9230 or e-mail