Narva Battle 2016

Start date: 12.08.2016 21:18
End date: 14.08.2016 18:00

Historical festival “Narva Battle 2016” in Narva Castle and Northern Yard on  12-14 August 2016

At the beginning of August, cannon shots from the Great Northern War can be heard once again in Narva Castle and the Northern Yard. There will be the battle noise and scores of warriors will be fighting for life or death. At the same time, the best interprets will be performing beautiful early music and opera recitals will take place in the evenings. Gorgeous ladies in historical costumes will be strolling in the background with their gallant suitors, boasting in their breeches. At a distance, you can see minstrels fooling around and musicians intensely blowing their pipes; artisans trading their goods and the common folk living their ordinary lives.

If you want to experience the beauty and pain of history, and become part of it just for a moment, then dust off your costume or simpler folk clothes, and come participate in the history festival as whomever you want! If you simply want to observe, enjoy the music or shopping, come and bring your family!