Events in the Northern Yard of Narva Castle in May – June 2017

Start date: 27.05.2017
End date: 29.06.2017

The stove-cooking festival LOOK IN THE KITCHEN 2017 on 27–28 May will open the summer season in the Northern Yard. Visitors will be able to try barley-bread and perhaps something cooked in a krambude. You might also be able to leave with some leaven or a tasty meat bread recipe.

On 2–4 June, our tireless blacksmiths will be holding the festival BAROQUE SMITHERY for the eleventh time.

On 17–18 June, we invite you to participate in the theme days SHINE YOUR HIND, which introduces the different ways leather can be used.

On 24-25 June, MIDDLE AGE FESTIVAL 2017

The folk calendar holidays in May – June will also be celebrated in the Northern Yard.

The schedules are published online a month before the events: and

Narva Museum would like to inform, that the Baroque Blacksmith's Festival will not take place this year. We apologize for any inconvenience.