A Jar Full of Summer 2016

Start date: 27.08.2016
End date: 28.08.2016

Festival of preserved food “A Jar Full of Summer 2016” in the Northern Yard of Narva Castle on 27–28 August at 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Your grandmother taught you a recipe for a delicious courgette jam with cloves and cinnamon? You can make a savoury and ‘smouldering’ chili-flavoured cherry sauce for meat, or perhaps you have something else in store that you would like to share with other conserving enthusiasts? Maybe you would like to taste something made by others, and try whether you can cook something as good or even better at home. If yes, make sure you participate in the harvest festival in the Northern Yard of Narva Castle. There will be competitions, where canning enthusiasts make preserved food from fresh produce in simmering pots, directly above the fire, according to their best recipes – savoury preserves will be prepared on Saturday and sweet preserves on Sunday. Furthermore, it is possible to exchange recipes or get extra tips from the master in the workshop on how to put the summer into a jar.

Preservation contest registration is open until 1 August 2016