Two Sides of Herbs 2016

Start date: 23.07.2016
End date: 24.07.2016

Days of secrets of spices and medicinal herbs “Two Sides of Herbs 2016” in the Northern Yard of Narva Castle on 23–24 July at 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The forest and meadows are full of medicinal plants and herbs, but herbal wisdom is an ancient art and only a few know its secrets. The right drop of tincture or a proper sip of herbal tea eradicates the disease, and a rich mix of herbs reveals the best flavours of the food. One studies this for years, yet there is much knowledge that everyone can remember and benefit from. Come and explore the natural remedies for improving your health and revitalizing your taste buds.

The final schedule is available from 4 July 2016 at and