There is an Apotheka since the summer of 2009 at the Northern Yard, to be more precise its interpretation is according to the early new ages standarts. It was iniciated in connection with the herbal garden which is now on the territory of the castle. Tanel Mazur the master of the Apotheka is a journalist and a high school history teacher.
Visiting Apotheka can learn a lot about herbs, preparation of the spices mix for meat, poultery of fish and learn how to make a mustard.

Ceramics Shop


Lace house

In our Lace House works lace master Olga Kublitskaja with the members of nonprofit handicraft organization who are, at the same time, her students. Olga has finished Art School in Vologda, Technical University in St. Petersburg and became a lace master. She has been working as a lace knitting teacher since 1990. The title of the best Estonian lace knitter was awarded to her in 2004. Olga is a member of Estonian Handicraft Union and International Lace knitting Organization.

Olga took part in national and international lace knitting congresses in Holland, Latvia, Belgium, Germany, Czechia, Finland, France, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, where she also demonstrated her own exhibits and taught lace knitting.
In cooperation with Estonian Handicraft Union she led Estonian International seminar of lace knitting in Tallinn and Narva (2006, 2007).
It is possible to try color-belt weaving making,under the master instruction to get acquainted with the technology of lace knitting in the lace house. Visitors may buy out wonderful lace knitted items (from napkins to shawls and dresses).

Blacksmith shop

Blacksmith shop of Northern Yard is run by Ivar Feldmann, who has 20 years of experience as a master. He has been graduated from Tartu Art Academy, where he is teaching ironwork now. Ivar is a member of Estonian Blacksmiths’ Association, organiser of numerous exhibitions and international blacksmith’s events. His most famous work is crowning Tartu Market bridge – a 3,5 meter high weathercock by the name of Lennuk.
It is possible, for visitors of the Norhtern Yard, to make a nail with the help of the blacksmith, or buy different beated out objects

Museum programs

Artisans' school

Artisans’ workshops. Folk games.
NB! Only in summer

Early Modern Period Town Dweller

The tour begins in the Northern Yard- – 17th century craftsmen center. Visitors can try on historical costumes, taste traditional food and learn more about the life of the city in the 17th century and about craftsmen routine. tour ends in the castle.
Duration: 2 hours.
Price: €25 + ticket
NB! Only summer period



We are offering a range of interactive activities which involve both gaining knowledge and practical skills connected with various handicraft techniques and handmade products from candle to gunpowder. Duration of one workshop — 20 minutes.
Cost given per person.

Making brooches — €4 (group of 5–10 ppl)
Making candles — €4 (group of 5–10 ppl)
Braiding belts — €4 (group of 5–15 ppl)
Monogram in the linocut technique — €4 (group of 5–15 ppl)
Engraving in the grattage technique — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Making a handwritten card — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Making doll talisman — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Preparation of flavored tea — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Processing of flax — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Making gunpowder and firing cannon — €7 (per group till 50 ppl)

To enjoy a workshop please place an order at least one week before by calling  (+372) 35 99233 or (+372) 35 99245 or by emailing If a guide is available, we will gladly provide the service the same day. Workshops are available in Estonian, Russian and English, the availability of other languages should be negotiated beforehand.
In case of being late, please call  (+372) 35 99233 or (+372) 35 99245, otherwise guide waits up to 20 minutes.