Guided Tours

The history of Narva castle

Tour through the castle complex: big Western yard, Northern yard, defensive wall, Stone hall, south-eastern tower (Rondel), south-western corner tower, castle halls. The history of Narva Castle’s creation and development is narrated.
Duration: 2 hours.
Price: €40 + ticket

City tours

Narva history

The tour the town’s historical sights: churches, bastions, Dark garden. Some of the sights exist now only in memories.
Duration: 1,5 hours
Walking tour – max 25 people.
Price: 50 €

Northern war memorials and battlefields in Narva

The tour of the Northern War battlefields of 1700 and 1704.
Duration: 1,5 hours
Bus tour
Price: 50 €

Bastion ring

Introduction to Narva bastions and visit to Gloria bastion casemates.
Duration: 1,5 hours
Walking tour – max 25 people.
Price: 50 € (busstour or walking tour).



Narva museum, OÜ Narva Gate and Narva College of Tartu University invite you to take part in their common project, within the framework of which is possible to get antiquated with Narva distinguishing architecture.

During this excursion, which lasts all the day long participants will visit three special-purposed and unique for this region buildings – Narva Castle, Krenholm Manufacture and Narva College. In each place guests will be told about the history of the building and it's functioning.

Price: 19/10€  adult/student, 29/20€ with lunch in the restoran Rondeel

Registration is required prior to excursion! Registration and additional information: phone number +372 359 9230 or e-mail

Registration is possible only for the groups of 20 persons.



Package “Glory to Labor!”

“Glory to Labor!” is the sculpture, built in the center of Sillamäe in 1987 in honor of 70th anniversary of October Revolution. This collocation describes Ida-Viru county these days – Eesti Enegria electric power stations and mines are situated here. And grand factory buildings of Krenholm Manufacture remind about glorious working past. Excursion package “Glory to Labor!” is meant mainly for groups, but it's possible to organize it for a small company.

NB! Registration is required prior to excursion!

Additional information or phone number +372 359 9230

Within the framework of tourist package “Glory to Labor!” It is possible to visit the following Ida-Viru sights:

Vaivara museum and excursion around Sinimäe (150 €)

Narva electric power stations and “The Blue Lagoon” (100 )

Excursion around Narva (100  €)

Bastion Ring (doesn't include visiting casemates of Vicoria bastion) (100 €)

Excursion to Narva College of Tartu University and familiarity with model of Narva in Narva Town Hall (100 )

Excursion around Sillamäe, visiting the city museum and renovated Сultural Centre (150 €)

Excursion to Krenholm Manufacture (ticket 5/10  €)

NB! Each excursion lasts about 1-1,5 hours. Additional time is required for visiting museums. Participants have to use own transport to reach sights during the excursion.

Specified price include the excursion and tickets for the group of 55 persons, excluded excursion to Krenholm Manufacture, which price is indicated for 1 person.


Interactive tours

Old Narva legends

An exciting evening trip is the perfect opportunity to hear the old castle legends. The bravest will participate in an accolade ceremony. In the end everyone will enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.
Duration: 1,5 hours.
Price: €280 (group up to 25 people, if group is more than 25 people – additionally €14 for every person exceeding 25)

One day in knight's life

During this fascinating excursion you will be carried back into the past and will get view about life of knights. You will become a participant of the meeting of Convention and  battle of knights. Competitions and duels will be offered to you during this excursion. All that to help you reveal force and will, courage and intellect! Ceremony of knighting and lots of other pleasant surprises!
Duration: 1,5 hours.
Group max. 20 people.
Price: €280 with snacks 

Early Modern Period Town Dweller

The tour begins in the Northern Yard- – 17th century craftsmen center. Visitors can try on historical costumes, taste traditional food and learn more about the life of the city in the 17th century and about craftsmen routine. tour ends in the castle.
Duration — 2 hours.
Price: €40 + ticket
NB! Only summer period

Museum programs

Ancient castle treasures

Program for those, who seek adventures! We dare you to find a treasure hidden on the territory of the castle.
Duration — 2 hours.
Price: €25 + ticket
NB!Only summer period



We are offering a range of interactive activities which involve both gaining knowledge and practical skills connected with various handicraft techniques and handmade products from candle to gunpowder. Duration of one workshop — 20 minutes.
Cost given per person.

Making brooches — €4 (group of 5–10 ppl)
Making candles — €4 (group of 5–10 ppl)
Braiding belts — €4 (group of 5–15 ppl)
Engraving in the grattage technique — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Making doll talisman — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Preparation of flavored tea — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)
Processing of flax — €4 (group of 5–25 ppl)

To enjoy a workshop please place an order at least one week before by calling  (+372) 35 99233 or (+372) 35 99245 or by emailing If a guide is available, we will gladly provide the service the same day. Workshops are available in Estonian, Russian and English, the availability of other languages should be negotiated beforehand.

In case of being late, please call  (+372) 35 99233 or (+372) 35 99245, otherwise guide waits up to 20 minutes.

Life events


For many years Narva Castle was being just a witness of joining loving hearts by lawful bonds of marriage. Earlier the museum was offering only to rent its premises’ for wedding ceremony, today we offer a wedding package which includes the following services for your choice:
– greeting of newlyweds according to Old Russian traditions or dressed in costumes of any era;
– registration conducted by an official, by notary or as a wedding ceremony’s simulation based on old rites of the border region with employees of the museum in the castle as well as on its territory;
– Russian and Estonian folk dances and folk games with identical rules;
– banquet;
– ritual of fastening of leaves to the Wedding-tree or a “Strengthen your marriage!” ceremony with blacksmith’s participation.

INFO: Lidia Kulikova, tel 35 99230,