Historically Narva stronghold is comprised of three large defence structures: medieval Hermann castle on the west bank of the river, 15-16th century Ivangorod fortress on the east bank and 17th century bastions. The complex which can be walked around in a couple of hours, gives a glance into the fortifications’ history, their gradual development from times of bricole to the era dominated by firearms.

Layers of the most important construction periods are still reflected today in the Narva stronghold – medieval convent-type building that traces outlines of the 13th century castellum-type castle built by Danes, castle’s front yard expanded in the 16th century and medieval towers remodelled into rondel ones, bastion Kristervall of the Early Modern period, bastion Wrangel erected in the 17th century and Dahlberg bastions built towards the end of the same century. Museum in the castle offers everyone curious about the town and castle history a chance to acquaint themselves with a thematic exposition and/or take a tour.