The Art Gallery was open in 1991, it is situated in an old ammunition warehouse on bastion Gloria built in the second half of the 18th century. Narva Museum art collection’s diversity is determined by the collection’s history. The permanent exhibition presents collections gathered by Narva Historical Society in the 19th century and collection assembled by Narva merchant Sergey Lavretsov and his wife Glafira. The former collection’s most interesting part is a line of portraits of town dwellers (17th-18th c.). The latter is dominated by 19th-20th c. Russian Realistic landscape art (Ivan Aivazovsky, Aleksandr Makovsy, Nikolay Dubovskoy, Ivan Shishkin, Karl Wenig among others) and works by Estonian artists from 20th – 21st c. (Paul Burman, Hando Mugasto, August Jansen, Elmar Kits, Jüri Arrak, Igor Gordin and others). Medieval wooden sculptures saved during the war from Narva churches and Lavretsov porcelain collection are also on display.