Past events

Past events

25.07 - 26.07.2015 Two sides of herbs - (Northern Yard)

Secrets of spices and medicinal herbs

The pharmacist of the Northern Yard together with his journeymen will demonstrate various kinds of knowledge of medicinal properties and richness of taste of remarkable herbs. Herbs and knowledges can be seen, felt and even tried out both in the XVIIth century’s chemist’s shop of the Northern Yard and in the master classes held in Linney’s garden.

Event’s programme available from the 29th of June 2015 at and

Northern Yard

11.07 - 12.07.2015 Into the Stove! Ceramics workshops - (Northern Yard)

Through the master classes and demonstrations of process of work being held by arrived craftsmen the ceramics workshop of the Northern Yard will acquaint with traditional techniques and creative opportunities of the work of ceramists. Under the guidance of experts everyone has an opportunity to try with his own hands to form and cover with glaze some simplest items of household or pottery, then send the result of efforts into the stove and see how mid-summer temperatures in the Northern Yard rises to four-digit levels.

Event’s programme available from the 15th of June 2015 at and

Northern Yard

04.07 - 05.07.2015 Wooden craft-work’s days - (Northern Yard)

Wooden craft-work’s days

Northern Yard

20.06 - 21.06.2015 Learn needlework! - (Northern Yard)

Workshops of craft

Northern Yard

29.05 - 30.05.2015 Baroque Smithery IX Blacksmith’s Festival - (Northern Yard)

At the IX International Festival of blacksmiths in the Northern Yard the new and the past will revive on anvils and in forges. Creative forms and traditional methods of craft can be seen in collaboration of smiths and apprentices, at contest of candlesticks’ making and in master classes where valuable knowledge, new skills and thirst for craft will be shared both with skilled masters, and with the interested visitors who gathered in the Yard.

Event’s programme available from the 4th of May 2015 at

Northern Yard

29.04 - 30.06.2015 Exhibition “Once upon a time there was a fest” - (Narva Castle)

Children’s collective works of international competition “Once upon a time there was a fest”, organized by The State Museum of the History of Religion. Partners are Narva museum and The National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia.

Narva Castle

03.04 - 31.05.2015 Exhibition “Talking Line” - (Art Callery)

Graphics by Narva artist Kuzya Zverev (Vladislav Kuznetsov).

Art Callery

12.03 - 10.05.2015 Exhibition “Prague through the Lens of the Secret Police” - (Narva Castle)

The exhibition “Prague through the Lens of the Secret Police”, organized jointly by the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes and the Security Services Archive, features a selection of photographs taken by servicemen of the (communist) Secret Police’s (StB) Surveillance Directorate between 1969-89, as well as complementary explanatory texts in English, Czech, Estonian and Russian. The exhibition premiere took place on April 7, 2009 at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union in Brussels.

Narva Castle

06.03 - 31.03.2015 Exhibition “En plein air in The State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin” - (Art Callery)

This art exhibition is a result of En plein air of Association of Russian Artists in Estonia in The State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye”.

Art Callery

17.02 - 08.03.2015 Exhibition “Estonian national decorations” - (Narva Castle)

Exhibition is provided by the Chancery of the President of Estonia.

Narva Castle

12.02 - 15.03.2015 Exhibitions “Re-established Estonian Defence Forces 20ˮ & “Estonia in NATO 10ˮ - (Narva Castle)

Photo-exhibitions of The Estonian War Museum.

Narva Castle

07.02 - 24.02.2015 CONNECTION. Contemporary art from Elbląg - (Art Callery)

Exhibition from Polish city Elbląg, Art Gallery El.

Art Callery

03.02 - 01.03.2015 Exhibition “Destroyed city centre – Harju Street before and after the aerial attack on March 9th – 10th, 1944” - (Narva Castle)

Tallinn City Museum’s exhibition.

Narva Castle

25.01 - 26.04.2015 IDEA+FORM:PATTERN – flowers on chintz - (Art Callery)

Fashion exhibition by Estonian Academy of Arts. Based on patterns of the Krenholm Manufacturing Company.

Art Callery

22.01 - 06.04.2015 Exhibition “Greetings from Reval, Dorpat, Narva, Pernau, Fellin, Hapsal and Arensburg” - (Narva Castle)

The photo exhibition takes you along on a visit to Estonia centuries ago – before the great wars, when the loveliest places in different cities were still intact.

The historical anaglyph photos made especially for the exhibition present seven Estonian towns: Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, Viljandi, Haapsalu and Kuressaare.

The enlarged and spatial city view photos have been digitised from glass negatives dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and the majority of these were taken by the photographer Jaan Kristin (1863-1919). Kristin took pictures of Estonia’s biggest towns and resorts, and the level of detail in these photographs is amazing.

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Narva Castle

08.01 - 08.03.2015 Exhibition “Do you remember me, Kreenholm?” - (Narva Castle)

Photo-exhibition of Narva photographers’ association “Autori Foto”. This exhibition is the result of photography at the Kreenholm cloth factory territory during the years 2012-2014.

Narva Castle

11.12 - 01.02.2015 Exhibition “Crossing Europe”. Larisa Koh - (Narva Castle)

28 handmade Teddy Bears – one for each member state of the European Union.

Handmade Teddy Bears have strong personalities. They are touching, funny and absolutely charming. It is believed that Teddy Bear is always looks a lot like his creator. Each work has its own style that you can see with your own eyes.

Larisa Koh takes part in various international Teddy Bear shows and has organized international fairs in Tallinn, Estonia.

Additional Information: Larisa Koh, tel. + 37258147733,,

Narva Castle

29.11 - 25.01.2015 Christmas Exhibition - (Art Callery)

Traditional collective art exhibition of Narva artists’ association Vestervalli. At the exhibition you can see works of art fulfilled in different art techniques: oil and acrylic painting, water-colour, graphics, textile, photography etc.

Art Callery

15.11 - 16.11.2014 The Battle of Narva - (Narva Castle)

On Saturday 15th of November, Narva Museum welcomes visitors to witness the re-enactment of one of the most important battles of the Great Northern War (1700-1721). Re-enactment takes place on the grounds of Narva Castle.

History festival „History revives in Narva“ is dedicated to the Battle of Narva, during which the wayworn 11000 man strong army of young Swedish King Charles XII attacked and crushed approximately 4 times larger Russian forces besieging Narva on 18th of November 1700.

The main event of the festival will be the re-enactment of the battle, which takes place at 15.00 on the grounds of historic castle of Narva. Re-enactors from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland and Sweden will demonstrate uniforms, weapons and infantry tactics of the period during a battle between Swedish and Russian forces.
From 10.00-16.00 visitors of the museum can explore 17th century everyday life in the Northern Yard living history environment and take part in handycraft workshops.

On 15th of November, history revives in Narva!

10.00-16.00 Workshops in the Northern Yard of Narva Castle
15.00. Reconstruction in the Western Yard of Narva Castle

Organizers: SA Narva Muuseum, MTÜ Preobraženski Polk
Sponsors: Municipality of Narva, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

Additional information: Paavo Kroon, SA Narva Muuseumi ürituste projektijuht, tel: 56455775, e-mail:

Narva Castle

07.11 - 23.11.2014 Properties of Volume. Yekaterina Averko - (Art Callery)

There are papier-mache sculptures and graphics at the exhibition. Sculpture subjects are fairy and fantastic animals created on the base of “Book of Imaginary Beings” by Jorge Luis Borges. Graphics is just the background for the sculptures.

Art Callery

31.10 - 04.01.2015 Prophecy. Eduard Zentchik - (Art Callery)

Eduard Zentchik graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Freelance artist since 2006. Painter, photographer, graphic artist, designer, author of installations, performances and musical improvisations. There were more than forty personal exhibitions during years of creativity. Participant and winner of international photographic and art competitions. Numerous works are in private collections around the world.

The exhibition “Prophecy” hints, that the artist is primarily fascinated with ontological investigation. Meshed within this overriding motif is the artist’s work that insists on fabulous implausibility that fills the mind with haunting hallucinatory and often visionary excesses.

Art Callery

30.10 - 03.05.2015 Tallinn the Sprat Capital - (Narva Castle)

Have you ever heard of Tallinn Sprats, the little fish often available in cans spiced up by the legendary view of Old Tallinn from the sea? The exhibition ‘Tallinn the Sprat Capital’ will introduce you to the story of how a small fish became a symbol of Estonia’s capital city. You should not think that the account is bloated somehow — not at all, as it is given by the dignified main character, the Sprat itself.

The success story of Tallinn Sprats is as colourful as the number of fish in the sea. It includes rivalry with the Baltic herring as well as the special recipe that made the sprats preserved in Tallinn famous worldwide. The best-known sprat-salting businesses in Tallinn were the fish factories of Feodor Malakhov, Rudolf Andreson, Vassiliy Demin, Eva Behr and J. M. Leesmann that had all been awarded small or big silver or gold medals in food exhibitions in Russia. Every one of them had a special recipe — slightly different from those of the others — which was carefully kept secret from the competitors. Therefore it is no surprise that this small fish swam upstream from being part of our daily food into a delicacy proudly presented at our President’s receptions. Not to speak of its status as a symbol of the capital city.

Narva Castle

29.09 - 07.12.2014 Tartu – Island of Freedom? - (Narva Castle)

The exhibition of Tartu City Muuseum at the 17th Estonian Museums Festival.

Starting in the 1950s, Tartu with its university evolved into a distinctive centre, which attracted representatives of democratically minded intelligentsia. By its appearance, Tartu resembled European university towns and social intercourse and everyday communication had preserved many features otherwise faded in the Soviet environment. Tartu was somewhat farther away from the efficient control of the party organs, and academic life and research were not influenced by the anti-Semite politics of the communist party.

Scientists, intellectuals, and creative intelligentsia, as well and dissidents focusing on human rights and those supporting the ideas of nationalism and anti-Sovietism formed brotherhoods and social groups, in which they could express their thoughts more freely as well as exchange information. Based on trust, these groupings disseminated reproduced censored publications (samizdat) and literature published abroad (tamizdat), the keeping and spreading of which was regarded as a criminal offence by the authorities. For many people belonging to such groupings was vital, as it freed them from under the besotting ideological pressure and helped to get involved in the cultural tradition and mental life, which posed an alternative to the socialist ideas and practice suppressing the human dignity and freedom in the totalitarian society.

Although Tartu was also subordinated to the vigilant control of communist party representatives, the KGB and other, less important but yet diligent servants of power and from time to time repressions were carried out, ranging from exmatriculation or termination of employment to imprisonment and prison camps, mental life still demonstrated attempts to expand the boundaries of freedom and fear of the authorities as well as law compliance diminished gradually.

The exposition gives an overview of the atmosphere in the intellectual life of Tartu half a century ago, through foreign students, professoriate, biographies of the creative intelligentsia, and artefacts, film clips and audio material characteristic of the era.

Narva Castle

27.09 - 30.11.2014 Textile metamorphosis. Julija Ogrodowski - (Art Callery)

Batik exhibition. In her creation Julija applies to German poetry, mythology and fairytale.

Art Callery

23.09 - 04.01.2015 Living Islands. Living Saaremaa - (Narva Castle)

The exhibition of Saaremaa Muuseum at the 17th Estonian Museums Festival.

From April to October 2013 Saaremaa Museum hosted Melanie Pilat, a zoology intern from Austria who studied Saaremaa’s collections and nature displays, actively participated in various nature research and events regarding environmental protection.

In the course of her internship and as a result of it Pilat put together the exhibition “Living Islands. Living Saaremaa”, offering an overview of how life emerged on this island that is the second biggest in the Baltic Sea and how it remained here.

Author of the concept and design: Melanie Pilat

Thanks: Sirje Azarov as well as volunteers from Austria and Estonia.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Austrian Embassy, Saaremaa Museum and Vienna Natural History Museum.

Narva Castle

22.09 - 19.01.2015 August Pulst 125 - (Narva Castle)

The exhibition of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum at the 17th Estonian Museums Festival.

Life and activity of August Pulst – painter, collector and enthusiast in museum work.

Narva Castle

18.09 - 26.11.2014 Socialist women’s life - (Narva Castle)

The exhibition of Iisaku Muuseum at the 17th Estonian Museums Festival.

Tells about women’s life in the Soviet Union.

Narva Castle

30.08 - 31.08.2014 Jar Full of Summer - (Northern Yard)

Festival of Conserves

Before closing for winter, gates of the Northern Yard are wide open for fine tastes and people who appreciate them. Friends and visitors of the Northern Yard are welcome to participate in a cooking contest, where dishes are prepared right here on open fire using the freshest of ingredients. Saturday is dedicated to salty and Sunday to sweet tastes. In addition to the contest, visitors can also share their own recipes with others and take part in workshops dedicated to all that is worth to be conserved into the jars at the end of summer.

Final schedules of events and registration for workshops at and starting from the 21st of July 2014.

Registration for all interested to participate in contest till 20th of August 2014.


Northern Yard

16.08 - 17.08.2014 Lacemaking - (Northern Yard)

Lace knitting workshops

The Northern Yard’s Lace’s workshop along with the Estonian Guild of Lace makers presents fanciful easiness of braiding. Exposition of guild’s members’ works is open. For two days during conducted workshops there is an opportunity to take a first look at the laces’ techniques for beginners as well as to perfect already learned for skilled users.
Final events’ programmes and registration for workshops at and starting from the 21st of July 2014.

Northern Yard

08.08 - 10.08.2014 Battle of Narva - (Northern Yard)

Historical Festival

History festival „Battle of Narva“ is one of the highlights of summer season in Narva, legacy of the Great Northern War will unfold in its historical surroundings, when troops of Russian Czar Peter I and Swedish King Charles XII meet in the battlefield.

For three days, re-enactors representing Swedish and Russian armies of the 17th century experience both routine camp life in the castle yard and battle fury on the bastions of Narva. Conflict is surrounded by the everyday life of the period – merchants, craftsmen and entertainers find their place side by side with the infantry drills and cannon volleys. Castle and Northern Yard is thus filled with interesting activities for the whole family.

Final schedules of events and registration for workshops at and starting from the 30th of June 2014.

Northern Yard

26.07 - 27.07.2014 Two sides of herbs - (Northern Yard)

Secrets of spices and medicinal herbs

Under the Northern Yard’s chemist’s shop guidance it is possible to become acquainted with the flavouring and curative force of herbs. A wide range of knowledges about wide range of herbs will be given at the Carl Linneus’ herb garden lying out near Northern Yard as well as between vials, measuring glasses and liquids in the Northern Yard’s chemist’s shop.
Final events’ programmes and registration for workshops at and starting from the 30th of June 2014.

Northern Yard

12.07 - 13.07.2014 Days of ceramics - (Northern Yard)

Days of ceramics

Northern Yard’s ceramic workshop will demonstrate how the clay obtains color and form. Rotating the potter’s wheel, all interested under craftsman’s guidance have the opportunity to try own hand in forming and glazing of simple items of pottery and then just send the result into the stove.
Final events’ programmes and registration for workshops at and starting from the 16th of June 2014.

Northern Yard

19.06 - 19.09.2014 You, Me, We. Irina Bellaye - (Art Callery)

Irina Bellaye art project uses various media in order to achieve its goal – to return Love to its central place in society. Over the past 100 years the social system has changed rapidly, and now people are nothing but small bolts in industrial and post-industrial societies and they do not need to think and understand why they exist.

“You, Me, We” is an exhibition that contemplates the interplay between women and society, men and women, you and yourself. What society thinks a woman’s role should be, especially the rules that society dictates for a woman’s so-called ‘acceptable’ behavior.

Not too long ago, society dictated that a woman be demure, passive, and obedient. That has entirely changed in most 21st century industrial and post-industrial societies. Now there are new rules, and the system today dictates that a woman should be aggressive, overly sexual, bitchy, and be ready to hunt her mate and use him for pleasure or in whatever way she sees fit. Previously, males competed to win a woman’s heart. Today, however, the situation is almost the complete opposite. Women have taken the reins in their own hands.

Female domination during mating rituals does not allow the male to show his masculinity, and this only deprives the woman of what is most basic and desirable – his Love. Indeed, we are speaking about Love with a capital “L” when he desires her not as a sexual object but when he truly worships her as a goddess.

The spiritual connection between a man and a woman is being undermined, and it’s almost impossible for it to take root in the current social and psychological conditions. We are increasingly told that Love is nothing more than a hormonal reaction; or that people’s immune systems are complementary, hence they mate. Is this truly the essence of a relationship between a man and a woman? I think not.

Women today compete intensely with men, and less and less do they seek to be a partner and to provide support. In fact, to even to say that a woman should support a man is something akin to treason and blasphemy in today’s new modern world. You might not be burned at the stake, but the new Inquisition is just as brutal because in the West you will be subject to ridicule.

This exhibition will try to warn Estonian women that they don’t need to blindly and uncritically copy everything from Europe and America, where money is now the main force in society, and where people are only valued by the size of their wallet, and where a women is esteemed for her aggressive behavior, whether that be sexual appeal or bitchiness. The women of eastern Europe desire go to the other country for have better relations or better life, but if we cannot be happy with ourselves in our own country we cannot be happy somewhere else and even, with somebody else.

Art Callery

02.06 - 22.09.2014 Wonderland - (Narva Castle)

Works by St Petersburg photographer Elena Blednykh.

Elena has been taking pictures of Zapashny Brothers’ circus wonderland since 2009, getting to know life behind the scenes.

Every Zapashny Brothers’s show is radiant, dynamic, sometimes controversial and always destructive towards the stereotypes of classical circus.

“Wonderland” is part of the Zapashny Brothers’ bigger circus multimedia project to be displayed at the State Duma in Russia.

Elena Blednykh is a member of Russian Photographers’ Union and St Petersburg Creative Union.

Narva Castle

30.05 - 31.05.2014 Baroque Smithery - (Northern Yard)

VIII International Blacksmith’s Festival

VIII International Blacksmith`s Festival kicks off the summer season of Northern Yard. Blacksmiths and their apprentices from near and far gather in Narva for two days of teamwork, traditional candlestick contest and workshops, where skills are kindly passed on and shared amongst professionals as well as visitors.. Past knowledge and modern forms mix on forges and anvils of the Northern Yard. Visitors can try their hand in smithery under the guidance of skilled blacksmiths.

Final schedules of events and registration for workshops at and starting from the 5th of May 2014.

Northern Yard

02.01 - 08.01.2014 Northern Yard is open! - (Northern Yard)

17th century workshops.

Admission with museum ticket.


Northern Yard

16.11.2013 The Battle of Narva - (Northern Yard)

History festival „History revives in Narva“ is dedicated to the Battle of Narva, during which the wayworn 11000 man strong army of young Swedish King Charles XII attacked and crushed approximately 4 times larger Russian forces besieging Narva on 18th of November 1700.

The main event of the festival will be the re-enactment of the battle, which takes place at 15.00 on the grounds of historic castle of Narva. Re-enactors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and Sweden will demonstrate uniforms, weapons and infantry tactics of the period during a battle between Swedish and Russian forces.

More information

Northern Yard

28.09.2013 Family Day in Narva Castle - (Narva Castle)

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Narva Castle